top 10 christmas cakes

top 10 christmas cakes - 4

top 10 christmas cakes

I love Christmas.  It’s my favorite time of the year.  A time for family and Christmas dinner.  And what goes good with christmas dinner? CAKE.  Here are my top 10 christmas cakes of 2013.  These are decorated by cake decorators from around the globe.  I have found my top 10 favorite christmas cakes of the here.  Check out our top 10 cakes.  Which cake is your favorite?  Okay, let’s get started.  Or Top 10 choice is this adorable 2 tier christmas cake created by Pink Cake Box.  I love the fondant figurine, very cute.  Our top 9 choice is the 1 tier fondant christmas tree cake which is created by The Pink Whisk.  I love stars on the cake.  Have fun and keep baking.

top 10 christmas cakes


top 10 christmas cakes - 1Christmas Cake Top #10 Created by Pink Cake Box
top 10 christmas cakes - 2Christmas Cake Top #9 Created by The Pink Whisk

The Cake Lovers Top 8th choice is this amazing Reindeer cake.  This amazing Reindeer Cake was created by Enticing Cakes inc.  Great cake creations.  Our top 7 choice is the adorable Penguin cake standing beside the Christmas tree with the presents around it.  This cake creation was crafted by Marlene Debattista.  Love it.

top 10 christmas cakes - 3Christmas Cake Top #8 Created by Enticing Cakes inc
top 10 christmas cakes - 4Christmas Cake Top #7 Created by Marlene Debattista

Alright, now we are into our Top 6 and 5.  Our top 6 is the 3 tier fondant Christmas theme cake created by I Candy Cakes by Tiffiny.  And our Top 5 cake choice is an amazing Christmas cake created by Vanilla Cake Boutique.  I like the little Santa Figurine hanging on to the sign.  Very creative.

top 10 christmas cakes - 5Christmas Cake Top #6 Created by I Candy Cakes by Tiffiny
top 10 christmas cakes - 6Christmas Cake Top #5 Created by Vanilla Cake Boutique

So we are done to our top 4.  In the number fourth spot is the Frosty the Snow man cake.  This cute Snowman cake is made out of creamy icing.  This cake was created by Patty Cakes.  In the 3rd position is this beautiful winter scene cake, created by Julie Freund.  This is the wow factor.  Great job.

top 10 christmas cakes - 7Christmas Cake Top #4 Created by Patty Cakes
top 10 christmas cakes - 8Christmas Cake Top #3 Created by Julie Freund

We are now to our top 2 christmas cakes.  In second place is the 2 tier fondant cake with cute little elf and an adorable little fondant figurine girl on top of the cake.  This adorable christmas cake was created by Maryway Ilustratartas.  The #1 cake of choice from The Cake Lovers is this beautiful 2 tier christmas cake with gingerbread men, white christmas and candy cane on it.  We love it.  This cake was created by Miettes.  We love Christmas and the cake of course.  Merry Christmas to all.  Have fun and keep baking.

top 10 christmas cakes - 9Christmas Cake Top #2 Created by Maryway Ilustratartas
top 10 christmas cakes - 10Christmas Cake Top #1 Created by Miettes