Santa cakes

Santa cakes

Santa cakes

Christmas on of my favorite time of the year.  What’s better than presents?  Cake, of course.  Here are a collection of beautiful amazing Santa Claus Cakes done by cake decorators from around the globe.  I have known favorite because they all look amazing.  Check out the Santa Cakes below and feel free to leave a comment below and share with your friends.

Alright let’s start this off.  The first Santa is created by Lallaby Cakes, they cake is a 3 tier fondant cake with Santa on top sitting in his sleigh while holding his reindeer that is surrounding the entire cake.  Love the cake, very creative.  The second cake on the right is created by Galyna Harb, looks like Santa had a hard winter this year.  I guess we all need vacation down south.

Santa cakesSanta cake created by LallabyCakes Santa Claus CakeSanta cake created by Galyna Harb

Now we are looking Santa Claus diving into the chimney head first.  This cake is created by Dreaming Candies.  The cake on the right is another Santa cake created by Le Fate Zuccherine.  I like this santa, he is so cute balancing himself on the top of the cake snow hill.

Santa ClausSanta Cake created by Dreaming Candies santa claus cakesSanta cake created by Le fate zuccherine

The cake on the left reminds me of old Saint Nicholas.  I love this Santa cake created by Doc Sugarparty.  Now we are looking at a cake created by Rose D’Alba cake designer.  This cake on the right is a reindeer carousel with a christmas tree in the middle and santa claus coming out of the chimney on top.  WOW.

Claus CakeClaus Cake created by Doc Sugarparty Santa Claus cake cakecake created by Rose D’ Alba cake designer

We are done to our last two Santa Clause Cakes.  First is a chocolate fondant cake where santa is hiding in the gifts.  This cake is created by Agnes John.  And the last cake is created by DOLCE mente Sheila.  This is one of my favorites.  A fondant cake with santa on top and the little girl picking our from the bottom.  Merry Christmas to every and have fun and keep baking.

Christmas cakeCake created by Agnes John HO HO HO cakeCake created by DOLCEmente Sheila