Owl Cake by Kaykes

Owl Cake by Kaykes

Owl Cake by Kaykes

We have selected this magnificent cake masterpiece for this weeks Animal cake of the week.  We were also thinking about giving it Cake of the week honors too.   All I can say is WOW.  This cake masterpiece was created by Kaykes from Bolton lanc England.  I can’t believe this is actually a cake.  It seems something you would display on your display case.  I highly recommended checking Kaykes Facebook page to see more creative cakes.  We would like to congratulate Kaykes again in becoming this weeks Animal cake of the week.  Feel free to leave a comment below and share with your friends on Facebook.  Have fun and keep baking.

Owl Cake by Kaykes

  • Danielle Hamer

    Awwww Thank u sooooo much im honourd really thank u so much xxxx :-)

  • The Cake Lovers

    Amazing 3D Owl Cake Creation. Still can’t believe it’s an actually cake. Remarkable…..

  • Jayne Burt

    amazing hun xxx

  • Jan Sugrue

    Absolutely Fabulous xx

  • Beverley Way

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!