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The Ollie Cakes started from a dream for over 20 years.  The Ollie’s Cakes began operations in Miami (Florida), directed the cakes and pastries.  Were over 12 years of dedication to the world of sugar, fashioning cakes, supplying raw materials and accessories and teaching courses.  All their cakes are amazing.  My favorite cake is the 2 tier Wedding cake with the beautiful elegant looking orange flowers on the first layer and the white flowers starting on top and draping itself down the cake.  Beautiful cake.

If you want to see more of their creative cakes visit their Facebook page or website.  I also like the 3 tier Wedding cake with the blue flowers.  My cousin would love to have the 15th Birthday cake for his birthday.  I love cupcakes especially with chocolate icing.  Keep baking and have fun.

Wedding Cake Ollie Cakes
Silver Dreams 15th Birthday Cake

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