My Christmas Story Cake


This is my collaboration for the project “CHRISTMAS STORY CAKE”. For the first time ever, 27 portuguese sugar artists, cake designers and chocolatiers join together to build the First Advent Calendar with cakes, chocolates and stories! Each day, one short story, one big cake!
This is my cake.
I’ll have to say that it stands 80 cm tall and it took me close to 90 hours to do…every thing was hand made without any cutters because of the size… every thing was so small. I loved every minute…I think that this was the cake that I most enjoy doing. Truly LOVED it…I loved doing all of those dwarfs, I really did. The figures that I had more trouble with, were the princess faces… because they were so tiny (the size of a pinky).
And that Castle….I love it. It turned out better than I expected.
Well I think I did, I don´t know how many cakes in one… but for a very first Christmas cake, I’m very happy with it!!!! It’s sitting in my living room and every time I look at it…it brings me a big smile to my face! I’m IN LOVE!!!!

Hope you like it!!!


Ana Remígio xxx