Mannequin dress cake

Mannequin dress cake

Mannequin dress cake

This is a cake ordered by a friend of my son. He ordered it for his mothers’ 50th birthday. I was asked to recommend a theme for the cake so I asked for details about his mother. Apparently his mother is a dress designer. So I immediately thought of a dress cake. I wasn’t sure which, but I started running the idea through my head. I asked what her favourite color was and got an answer: turquoise.
I looked for pictures of evening gowns on the internet to get ideas and eventually sculpted this cake.
The cake is a chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganach and covered with buttercream. Over that, its covered with Fondant. The dress itself is the cake. The cake was approximately 30 cm high!!!

When my son’s friend came to pick up the cake he was totally shocked. He said he didn’t realize it was going to be that realistic. He carefully took the cake – he later told me that he had never driven so slowly and carefully in his life…
He brought the cake to his mother – she looked at it and couldn’t understand what he brought her for her birthday. When he told her it was a cake she was totally shocked…she saved it for her friends to see and eat!!!
They loved it and were very moved by the cake…I was too by their reaction.
I loved making this cake !!! and I totally loved its’ color…

Mannequin dress cake created by My Sweet Stop 

Mannequin dress cake Mannequin dress cake
Mannequin dress cake Mannequin dress cake
  • The Cake Lovers

    Beautiful Manniquin dress cake, love it.

  • Beverley Way

    Utterly amazing!