Jip’s Cakes

Jip's Cakes

Jip’s Cakes

Jip’s Cakes and Homemade Bakery is located in Birchanger, Essex, United Kingdom.  They specialize in making character cakes, cupcakes, theme cakes and all occasion cakes.  They are very passionate about baking and cake decorating and it really shows on their finished product.  My favorite cake is the Avengers Birthday Cake.  My nephew would love to have something like this for his birthday.  The theme cake symbolizes all the characters from the movie Avengers.  Great job.  If you want to view more of their creative cakes visit their Facebook page or website to have an over view of more of their amazing cake creations.


I also like the 1st anniversary cupcakes.  Very cute butterflies.  The Engagement cake and the 80th Birthday cake are also beautifully made.  .  Jip’s Cakes is also a member on our site.  You can also view her Cake Lovers profile page. Have fun and keep baking

Avengers Birthday Cake Jip's Cakes
engagement cake 80th birthday cake

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