This is how you can get your cake approved?

The cake must be made by you.
The write up must be in your own words, not copied from another site.
Your write-up needs to be at least 150-300 words.
You need to upload at least one photo (you can upload up to four photos).
No Spamming
If you’re having writer block, here are some ideas to get you started

Tell us how you made your cake and how it went. Also how about the reaction you got or your customer. Maybe tell us any funny parts on the way or problems you had. Write at least 150-300 words. Don’t be scared to write as much as you want.
Use Microsoft word or Notepad to do your write up.
Your photo must be your original photo, not copied from another website or Google.
Title is everything, come up with an eye-catching title. You can use Google search to help you with top search titles.
Paste the Title into the submission form.
Paste the text you wrote.
share on Facebook and other social media sites
the higher the star rating(on the top left side of the post), the better chance you will win.

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