Baby shower Pamper cake

baby diaper cake

Baby Shower Pamper cake

Baby Shower Pamper cake are absolutely adorable.  If you’re having a baby shower and want an adorable cake.  You must cake a pamper cake.  Here are a few cake design you can work with to design your cake for your baby shower.  My favorite Baby Shower Pamper Cake is the 4 tier pamper cake with a cute teddy bear in the middle.  Amazing looking cake.  I also like the simple 1 tier pamper cake with the cute little baby on top of the cake.

Here are a few more cakes you can browse to decide what kind of pamper cake you want.  I also like the baby boy pamper cake.  It has blue roses on each pamper with a baby topper on top.  The last cake is the 3 tier cake with beautiful looking baby shower pamper cake.  Please feel free to leave a comment or share with your friends.

Adorable baby shower pamper cake baby diaper cake
baby shower pamper cake baby shower pamper cakes