amazing cupcakes

amazing cupcakes

Amazing Cupcakes

Here are some amazing cupcakes created by cake decorators from around the globe.  Which amazing cupcake is your favorite?  They all look amazing.  Check out the cupcakes below and leave a nice comment.  Have fun and keep baking.

The cupcake to the left is a Patriotic Pinwheels Cupcake created by .  They have a full tutorial on the way in making this cupcake.  Check them out.  The cupcake in the center is created by The Magical Cupcake Company.  It’s the cat from Alice in Wonderland.  Great job.  This is a very interesting cupcake on the left.  Amazing cupcake creations.  Compost Cupcake by Cupcake Royale (with Coconut, Coffee, Oats, Chocolate Chips, Vanilla Cake Crumble, Potato Chips).

amazing cupcakes amazing cupcakes (2) amazing cupcakes (3)

Now we have a Swak Cupcakes from Country Kitchen Sweetheart.  Adorable cupcakes to have around Valentine’s Day.  The center is a Burger cupcake.  Very artistic work done by michelle.p.  The cupcake to the right is a Christmas Tree cupcake created by Amanda’s Parties To Go.

amazing cupcake amazing cupcakes amazing cupcakes (2)

Here are some of my favorite cupcakes I have seen.  Let’s start of with the Lego cupcakes created by Big Fat Cook.  The center cupcake is created by Cotton Candy Bakeshop.  Adorable looking Penguins cupcakes.  And the last cupcake to the right is a miniature chanel cupcake created by Bella Cupcakes in Auckland, New Zealand.  Please leave us a comment and also check out there websites by clicking on the link above.  Have fun and keep baking.

amazing cupcakes amazing cupcakes amazing cupcakes