Fondant Cakes

Here are a collection of Fondant Cakes from Cake Decorators from around the globe.  We have a large photo selection of pictures of all sorts of Fondant Cakes that are done by our members on The Cake Lovers website.  They are all adorable.  People love to see life-like cakes.  Check out the amazing creation by cake decorators from around the world.  Don’t forget to like and share your favorite photo and don’t be shy to share our site to your friends.

Fondant Cakes have taken off over the past decade.  It was always around on wedding cakes.  But now people are using it on character cakes, animal cakes, specialty cakes and the list goes on.  I’m not a big fan on fondant but I like the finish product.  Making something out of nothing and making it look so real is amazing.  Check out some amazing looking cakes below.  Leave a comment or share with your friends.  Which one is your favorite.  I like the Gucci Purse.  My wife would love to have this one.Fondant Cakes