60th birthday cake decorating ideas

60th birthday cake decorating ideas

60th birthday cake decorating ideas

Turning 60 years of age is a special time of your life.  It’s a turning point of a person’s life when they are retiring.  Below is a selection of cake ideas you can come up with when making a 60th cake for your customer.  First is a 2 tier fondant cake fit for a grand mother that still likes her makeup.  The other cake is shaped into the number 60.  I like that cake, very creative.  On the bottom left is a funny cake where someone wrote, “60 comes with new skills, you can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time!”.

The last cake on the bottom right is a 60th golf theme cake which is made out of fondant icing.  My father is 63, he would have loved this cake for his 60th birthday cake.  I hope these cakes help you when making a 60th birthday cake decorating ideas.  Have fun and keep baking.

60th birthday cake decorating ideas 60th cake
funny 60th cake golf cake

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