“We are the world” Cookies

I made these cookies last december to collaborate in the creation of the 2015 Cake Calendar “WIKICAKEGROUP FOR CHILDREN” that celebrates and honors children from all over the world. The proceeds from the sale of...

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“Painter Hedgehog”

There is a romantic story behind this birthday cake. It was ordered by a young woman as a gift for the birthday of her loved one, who is a talented artist. The Hedgehog symbolizes the...

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Lemon Raspberry Cake

This cake is one of my favorites and the recipe is often requested of me by friends and family members.  The cake is imbibed with a sweet and tart lemon syrup, with layers of buttercream, lemon...

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Frozen Cake

We made this cake for the baby of a friend of aurs. We enjoi making it. Hope you like it!